Who said romance fades out after the honeymoon phase is over?

After 8+ years married and coaching hundreds of couples inside of my private mentorship and live workshops, these are 3 lies that need a serious reality check:

Lie #1: The ‘honeymoon phase’ will end eventually and never come back

The belief that romance is like a Netflix free trial – intense in the first month and then it’s just bills, bills, bills – is a terrible limiting belief to have.

Real love? It’s more like your favorite streaming service: endless seasons of entertainment and cliffhangers! Yes, you will most likely shift into a more mature relationship energy over time, but you can keep coming back to the same feelings of the honeymoon phase again and again.

Keep the flame alive by dating your partner.

Surprise dinner? Yes! 

Random love notes? Yes! 

Unexpected weekend getaway? Yes and YES.

Lie #2: The longer the relationship, the more boring it becomes.

Most people think a long-term relationship means routine, rarely ever going out, and yawning through life together. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

✅ Keep new adventures on the horizon.

✅ Take initiative in trying wild and new experiences together.

✅ Ask your partner today, “If you could choose anything new for us to try this month, what would that be?”.

See where that starter conversation takes you two!

Lie #3: Once you’re “exclusive”, the courting ends.

If you think surprises and showing affection are reserved for birthdays and anniversaries only, think again.

In long-term relationships, Monday is the new surprise day! 

Create excitement through exciting (sometimes small) surprises. It really is about the intention. 

It’s in their favorite gelato after a long day. 

It’s in offering a back rub. 

It’s through a simple “I appreciate you”

Surprises don’t need an occasion, just an openness.

The reality of couples who don’t want to ‘try’ anymore, doesn’t have to be your reality.

You can CHOOSE radically different love.

Long-term relationships need regular doses of romance and excitement to stay vibrant and strong. 

It’s like the saying goes – love is not just something you feel, it’s something you DO.

Couples who are in their full power think and do relationships differently.

👉 These couples prioritize quality time amidst busy life responsibilities. 

👉 They get a kick out of surprising and delighting their partner.

👉 They take turns courting and planning dates.

👉 They GIVE more than they expect to get (yet they receive tenfold back).

👉 They step outside of their comfort zone all in service of growing the relationship.

Want to shift into becoming the kind of couple who cross off their vision board goals and create a book’s worth of memories together, even in difficult times? 

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