One of the most striking features of a healthy relationship is when you or your partner naturally refer to the other as “baby”.  

Have you adopted this cute nickname too?

You’ve likely invested a considerable amount of energy and pride in growing up. 

You no longer need help to tie your shoelaces. 

You don’t need to be reminded to bundle up on cold days. 

You are perfectly capable of combing your own hair. 

In short, you try very hard to be an adult.

But successful grown up relationships demand something rather peculiar of you when you commit to a life of deep love, intimacy, and connection:  

While you are rewarded for the maturity of your character and skill when it comes to “adulting” , you are also thrown into  – when striving properly to be close to someone – accessing the less developed, and more childish side of you. The side of you that may not have gotten their needs met in childhood, and will now make itself heard – especially with those you are closest to. 

Even though you’re a badass in many ways, subconsciously, you may look to your partner to heal your little child, to be “babied” and cared for in the ways you longed to be treated back when you still wore superhero pjs & celebrated the gaps between your teeth.  

In short, when you’re in a loving relationship, you can expect to have all parts of you surface; from the little child within to the grown up ready to rock it when it comes to creating a healthy, loving relationship. This is why it’s important to have powerful tools and practices at the ready so that you can build your relationship from a place of authenticity, vulnerability, and connection. 

You and your partner both get to feel empowered to nurture and maintain your relationship so that you can have the love, connection and intimacy you desire, especially when you are still growing up yourself – like we all are. 

You deserve to have access to the most simple yet potent tools and practices that actually move the needle to create a fulfilling relationship, which is what my Relearn Love private coaching program is for. 

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Your love is worth investing in, and I can’t wait to lead you, baby!