They thought it would be impossible to recover their relationship again. 

Too much time filled with loneliness had passed. Arguing became the chronic new normal. The idea of “fun” in their relationship seemed almost laughable. 

That’s where things were when I started working with Shawn and Megan. After 3 months working together inside Relearn Love, where are they now?

These two had perfectly valid reasons why they should separate, including broken trust and miscommunication littering their relationship.  

But bigger than those reasons they still had THE magical ingredients needed to explore what else was possible in love: curiosity, a drive to stay in the game, a willingness to open their hearts to each other again, and hope that more was possible for them together. That’s when they hired me as their coach. 

It’s funny – I think most people feel like such a massive shift in relating must be hard or take years, but it can be so much faster and simpler once you have the right tools, guidance, and willingness to invest in your love in a new way.  

After working with me, Megan and Shawn are now happily married, are celebrating the arrival of their first child, and are becoming relationship coaches themselves (because when you know the secrets, you just can’t keep them to yourself!). 

And while all that sounds big and exciting, it’s the small things that matter most: their daily ease of connection; their ability to communicate together and feel seen, heard, and loved; and the fun they have together just being goofy again. 

Are you ready to (re)create this kind of love? You’re invited to apply for my Relearn Love private couple’s coaching program. This is for you if you are ready and committed to create the relationship you dreamed of when you first started out together.

Email me at to let me know you want this gift and we’ll set up a free call to chat. 

I invite you to open your heart to new possibilities in love. It’s time you started thriving in your partnership. What a gift that would be for yourself and all of those around you!