Truth time… even though I’m a world-renowned expert on love and relationships, I don’t and haven’t always had my sh!t together.

I’ve really struggled to figure out who I am as a partner, and how to navigate this whole love thing that we are “supposed” to be good at. 

I would follow the same cycle: 

Screw up.
Let my inner critic tear me to bits.
Hide from the world because, well, this is just not something most people feel safe admitting, let alone seeking support on.
Cue the pressure, guilt, shame & “why is it alays so freaking hard for me to just have a great relationship?!” narrative. 

If you’re like my clients before they start working with me, you might’ve felt this too.

My journey has been filled with so much behind-the-scenes drama and imperfections. I laugh that I have screwed up everything that I have literally written the book on when it comes to relationships and how to actually create your perfect love story.

It’s funny, but true.

And somehow I KNEW this was part of my purpose in the world (this, and being a mama). 

I was put here on earth to become an expert love scientist – experimenting and learning from my mistakes, comparing my studies with those of other love scientists, documenting my findings, looking for correlations, seeking solutions, and sharing my findings with the world (even when it scares the crap out of me). 

The more I have sought support (see: learned faster, better ways of doing things in areas that were already extensively studied so that I could get to more exciting challenges), the faster I grew and the better I became at actually creating and sustaining the love and relationships I desired.

Along the way, I started sharing my crazy love lab results with others. 

Sometimes their reactions would trigger me. 

But for the most part, I found that people really resonated with my experiences. 

They, too, had been struggling silently with these challenges. It was as if my mistakes brought a sense of relief to their exhausted hearts, and my learnings brought a sense of hope to their weary souls. 

And so I continued. 

It started with coaching friends with whom I felt safe sharing these learnings. Because that worked so well, it quickly expanded to coaching clients on the side while I was working at Amazon. Then to writing a best-selling book on the subject. Then to founding my own company, Relearn Love. 

Now, I get the honor of living my purpose and daily connecting vulnerably with people around what we all desire in our deepest heart of hearts: love. 

This work matters because if you’re like most humans, you may spend too much time suffering from your own stories, expectations, trauma, and beliefs around love. We all want it, but we don’t know how to have it in a way that really feels nourishing, enlivening, joyful, safe, free, and fun. 

We are tired of feeling lonely (this goes for people who are single and those in relationship). We are tired of walking on eggshells, not feeling good enough, and fearing rejection and abandonment. We are tired. And if love is the cure, then show me how to take the medicine! 

But nothing is broken and nothing is wrong with you…you just need to relearn what love means to you at your deepest level of authenticity (which we were not taught growing up). 

I’ve chosen to heed the calling and dedicate my life to your love.

I am here as a love scientist and a heart healer. After years of research, experimentation,  and learning, I have the solutions this tired world needs for how to Relearn Love, and I’m ready to share them with you in a big way!

Guess what? You don’t need to dedicate your whole life’s purpose to figuring out love. You can have the love you desire faster, and with more ease. You are so capable of stepping into the next level of relating now.

If something in you feels the call and is ready to make a relationSHIFT, then click here and my team will share more about Relearn Love with you 

I know what is possible around love and relationships and I want it for you…not in 5 years…you are so worthy and capable of this, and the world needs more examples of healthy love.