I have one simple practice to keep the flame growing in the midst of everyday busy-ness…

If you’re not building connection in your partnership, you’re losing it. 

You’ve been together for long enough to know when you’re giving each other your best, and when a peck on the cheek is as intimate as you’ve been in a hot minute. 

So you finally close your computer, hear them in the other room, and decide that right now is the perfect time to actually connect over conversation that doesn’t involve the word “work”… 

And bam! 

Baby cries, smoke alarm goes off, mother-in-law calls, or any number of distractions take up the energy you want to give to your relationship. 

Like many of my clients, you know your relationship is like a healthy, flowering plant. It’s green, but it still needs to be watered. 

I get it, in the midst of my partner and I each juggling successful businesses, raising our two kids, a dog, international travel, personal passions, and staying active in the community, there’s a lot of reasons why we could wait until “tomorrow” to prioritize our connection. 

Here’s one simple practice to keep your flame burning and spark sizzling in the rush of everyday chaos:

When you see your partner after you or they get home from work, or dinner, or any other event, don’t say a word. Just embrace each other in a warm, cushy hug. No words exchanged at first, just your presence. Stay here in silence for 30-120 seconds.

Notice the feeling of being in their arms. 

The light scene of their perfume on their body. 

Their heartbeat beneath their shirt.

Now slowly, gently, place your hands on the places where you can feel them holding tension in their body and have them do the same for you. Then breathe deeply and focus on relaxing those places of tension together. Help each other relax before you dive back into the outside world. 

This is just one of the many simple, smart shifts to bring your relationship into deeper connection. 

Inside my private 4 month Relearn Love journey, I’ll guide through simple practices coupled with transformational coaching as I lead you and your partner every step of the way to creating your perfect love story, right now. 

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Your connection with your partner matters too much to not nurture & water it!