There’s not a moment in my relationship that the right coach couldn’t have made better. 

Yes, even the intimate moments. 

Yes, even the fairytale moments. 

Yes, even the vulnerable moments. 

Yes, even the “I can’t believe I just said that” moments.

Your relationship may be hitting new strides & opening up to epic levels of closeness daily, and you and your partner are such go-getters that you know it can be even better. 

Maybe you’re on a date & they say they’ll bring you your favorite flowers…and they’re the wrong ones. You squeak out a “thank you”, and try to hide your disappointment, or even more, your fear that they don’t care enough to remember. 

That’s when you go to your coach. 

Or you’re walking in the door, excited to see them after what felt like the day of all days, and instead of greeting them with a hug and kiss, you notice the dishes left undone, the laundry still unfolded, and go into cleanup mode, grunting about why you have to do everything yourself. 

That’s when you go to your coach. 

If you’re like me and my clients, you know you are here to experience more than just friendship – you’re here for the electric, passionate, deeply connected partnership you’ve always dreamed of. 

Until I decided to seek support, I was in the same cycle! Craving the connection, closeness, and love that I knew was out there, but not knowing how to have it. How could someone else really improve my relationship when they weren’t even in it? 

Decades of training with the world’s leading experts in love and relationships & creating massive relationshifts in the lives of hundreds of my clients around the world has led me to see the light: Sometimes, your coach can help your relationship more than you can. 

I realized a pattern in my clients who have beautiful relationships, but knew they were only scratching the surface of the connection, passion, & closeness available to them in their relationship… they chose to Relearn Love. 

Rather than deciding that they knew their relationship better than anyone else, they trusted me to guide them in Relearning Love so that they could discover new levels of connection, growth, and intimacy within their relationship, whether they had been together 10 years or 2 months!

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